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FREE SHIPPING! Fidget Spinner: The Original Spinaroonie!

FREE SHIPPING! Fidget Spinner: The Original Spinaroonie!

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Fidget Spinner: The Original Spinaroonie!

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  • CONQUER ANXIETY! The Spinaroonie is great for young people with ADD & ADHD - Life is too short to allow stress, anxiety and distressing thoughts to rob you of your quality of life. Relax while waiting in the queue to see the doctor, or while waiting in other anxiety ridden situations. Stay calm despite your current circumstances or immediate environment. This is a great anti-anxiety accessory for fidgeters. 
  • FUN PLAY TOY! - Enjoy relaxation time with your kids. See who is more 'spin worthy'. Your kids will enjoy it, and you'll also immerse yourself in a game which relieves tension. Through this simple and fun game your kids will bond and develop focus. 
  • DESTROY BAD HABITS, REDUCE STRESS! - Great for reducing anxiety, improving focus, limiting the negative consequences of ADHD, ADD, and Autism. Helps with overcoming bad habits, sleepless nights, and ideal for people trying to quite nail biting, smoking, leg shaking, etc. It has an ergonomic curved shape design for hand comfort and long term usage. Simply flick and spin for hours with one or two hands!
  • COMPACT WITH SMOOTH AND SILENT SPINS - The spinner is small enough for you to carry in your pocket. It is also small enough for you to use with your hand or just your finger. Unlike other spinners, these spinners spin smoothly and for an extended amount of time.
  • USE STRAIGHT AWAY - No repair, oil, or maintenance needed!  All 4 bearings are removable for future upgrades, after market modification, and customization!


Educational and Essential Spinner Toy for kids and Adults: The Spinaroonie is a great hand spinner toy for focus, stress reduction, relief of anxiety, having fun, creative inspiration, quitting bad habits such as leg shaking, nail biting, etc.

Features of the Spinaroonie:

Smooth and Silent Spins: Lightweight and silent design ensures that you can fidget with your spinner without annoying people around you when at the office or in silent environments.

Easy to use: This item is not complicated to use. Simply just flick and spin your problems away.

Replaceable bearings: Customise and personalise your spinner. You can change the bearings of the spinner to adjust the spin time and speed. Make your spinner your own.

Benefits of using a spinner: The spinner is good for people with ADD, ADHD, and anxiety. It helps relieve stress and improve focus. 

Material: This product is made of ABS plastic, and imported German ceramic bearings. It has a tri-lobed design to increase spin time. It's more durable, and more stable than newer knock off spinners. It has also received anti-oxidation treatment to increase the product's life. 

Maintenance: No repair, oil, or maintenance needed. Please do not clean the bearings with water, or alcohol. Please tighten the stainless cap if it becomes loose over time.



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Note: Allow 3 - 6 weeks for delivery