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About Us

Anima Medical ('anima' - noun: soul, life) was founded by a doctoral student at Oxford who was concerned with the rising cost of doctor visits and routine checks for older patients. His team went to work looking for the highest quality products worldwide, which were available at the best prices. And we continue to add products to our inventory as we find them. Our goal is lowering the amount of time and money required of older patients for routine medical checks. As a result, Anima Medical's customers are able to enjoy a higher standard of life. 

We provide a wide range of medical supplies with a focus on those which allow our customers the freedom to monitor their own blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygenation and heart rates. In addition, we provide other products which are meant to help our customers improve their health and overall quality of life.

Our purpose is to provide our customers with home-based self-care monitoring and other healthcare solutions so that they save money, and have more time for the things they enjoy.